Second chances are based on asking the right questions…

Dusty Holcomb
2 min readApr 24, 2020

“We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance.”

Harrison Ford

What opportunities for change, rebirth, growth are being primed because of the state of the world today? Right now massive change is being forced at the societal level. So what second chances are being created for each of us to look at all aspects of our lives and not merely adapt to the change around us, but to truly reset our minds and perspective?

It is easy to say “I just want to get back to normal.” What if “normal” wasn’t the best or optimum state to be in? If we just work hard to get back to the way things were, we miss all the opportunity for rebirth as better versions of ourselves.

Here are some questions to start the thinking process and identify the opportunities for positive change.

  • What of the changes have I really enjoyed? Despised?
  • What should I keep as we move forward?
  • What new opportunities are being created right now that I should embrace?
  • What new habits or behaviors have I developed that I want to keep? Stop?
  • What are the most important lessons I have learned through this experience?
  • What would I have done differently at various points over the past few weeks/months? How could this knowledge help me going forward?
  • What relationships have I fostered? Neglected?
  • One year from now what do I want to have accomplished based on new knowledge and experiences I have gained?
  • What is the best decision I have made in recent weeks? Worst decision?
  • What great opportunity is God presenting me with right now?

This is certainly not meant to be an exhaustive list, just a place to start. (personally I find that leveraging the Socratic method of problem solving to be incredibly insightful and thought provoking.)

We can either choose to wallow in misery by focusing on what we don’t have, or we can look for the opportunities that are being created for us. Every change is an opportunity to build something better if we choose to look forward.

Dusty Holcomb

I’m a lifelong learner, a student of leadership and and a servant of others. My personal mission in life is to enable success in others.